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Pushing Boundaries



Elisabeth Fraczek, PhD Student, Institute of Photonics

2013 Overall Winner and Category Winner (Technology)

"In my opinion, humour is the best approach to be engaging with other people"

Hear more from Elisabeth in a short video.

Cold Consultation



Peter Philips, PhD Student, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

2013 Category winner (Environment)

"Images are a much better way of communicating information in a way that means something to a whole range of different people"

Watch a short video of Peter describing his entry.

Head of Water Flea



Rumelo Amor, PhD Student, Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences

2013 Category winner (Society)

"My highlight was people coming up to me to say they voted for my picture"

Watch Rumelo's short video describing his image and how it relates to his research.




Mary McDonough Clark, PhD Student, School of Humanities (English)

2012 Overall Winner and Category Winner (Culture & Community)

"My biggest challenge was overcoming my nervousness about presenting my research in a wider context"

Hear how Mary went on to win the competition in a short video.

Consuming Cathedrals  

Leighanne Higgins, PhD Student, Department of Marketing

2012 Category Winner (Economy)

"I think if you can create an image that captures people's curiosity, then I think you're on to something"

Watch a short video of Leighanne talking about her entry.



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