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Images of Research 2017 winner announced!


And the winner is...

Monika Warzecha, Colours of drug polymorphism

 Monika Warzecha's Colours of drug polymorphism


This annual competition and subsequent year-long exhibition brings the research conducted at Strathclyde to an audience of thousands of people visiting art galleries, museums and public spaces. 

This year’s competition: The Future in Focus, centred around the University’s new strategic themes:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Energy
  • Advanced Manufacturing and Materials
  • Ocean, Air & Space
  • Society and Policy
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Measurement Science and Enabling Technologies


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Many thanks to Jessops for their ongoing sponsorship of the competition and providing some great prizes for the winners.

For any queries about the competition, please contact:

Download the Images of Research 2017 brochure featuring all this year's entries and links to the digital stories here.


"The quality of imagery presented was exceptional and varied. Each image captured the imagination with different meaning. The science behind each image was really bought to life and communicated in a new and effective way. The exhibition is a powerful tool to explain the research carried out by students at the University. Well worth a look!"

Richard MacFarlane of Jessops, Judging Panel, 2017