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2022 categories

This year’s competition, Adapting to advance, aims to showcase how our research community has risen to the challenges that face our planet. This is your opportunity to demonstrate how your innovative research is enabling society to adapt and advance in the face of adversity, accelerating the transition to a more agile way of working and living. Inspired by the University’s Strategic Themes, this year’s four categories are:

Connected world
Aiming to shed light on research endeavour that is progressing our societal and industrial connections; enter this category to showcase research with a goal of overcoming global challenges, from pandemics to national security.

Green recovery
Celebrating innovation that is contributing to a more prosperous world in the wake of the pandemic; enter this category with your research that is driving economic progress whilst tackling global environmental challenges.

Health matters
Highlighting the research that has the potential to improve social, physical and mental health, and therefore health equality; enter this category if your work intends to benefit societal health and wellbeing locally, nationally or across the world.

Shared visions
Showcasing the collaborations between academia and the wider world, and the impact that can be achieved when minds and shared goals meet. Whether your venture is knowledge exchange, consultancy or student project, enter this category to demonstrate the power of working together.