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Competition closed to entries

This year’s competition, Forging sustainable futures, highlights Strathclyde’s research that aims to build resilience and achieve balance; economically, societally and environmentally. Celebrating the work which will contribute to the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, this year’s four categories are:

Empowering people
Showcasing the research that has the potential to improve social, physical and mental health, and therefore health equality. Whether improving accessibility to healthcare or at the cutting edge of new drug development, illustrate your research that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of wider society.

Protecting our planet
Highlighting the research that contributes to the protection of our environment and precious resources, and tackle climate change; demonstrate your endeavours to produce more sustainable energy, reduce pollution, green the manufacturing cycle, and influence policy change.

Prosperous world
Encompassing research which aims to drive prosperity for all through economic, social and technological progress, showcase your research that in particular aims to strike a balance between progression, and societal and environmental harmony.

Beneficial partnerships
Celebrating the projects where academic, industrial and/or community partnership working has been instrumental to research success and generating impact. Entries can encompass research from any faculty or research field, but must demonstrate a contribution to at least one of the UN’s sustainable development goals.